Sunday, May 31, 2015

New Feature: Funny Sunday Video

I have a new feature to announce!

I just love how Bettman, with just a hint of sardonicism, says "AND" before he says Dumoulin's name as if there was another huge piece to announce.

Every Sunday from now on, I'll showcase a funny, recent, hockey video and break it down. It can be anything, as long as it's related to hockey, and I'll be taking submissions through my twitter account, @GlenGlencross.

This week, we have this monstrosity from the IIHF World Championships.

Turn down your volume.

- We open with a few generic shots of the players standing around during the national anthems before we get to the real hockey acti- WHAT IS THAT?

- In what sounds like a segment from Bad British Commentary, our two commentator friends start shouting like they're extras in a bad Roland Emmerich movie during a scoring chance after previous silence while the players were setting up.

- "OH, WHOOOA!" 

- Then we have the commentator talking about a "Moore" while Tyler Ennis has the puck, which is odd since there wasn't a "Moore" on either team. Nevertheless, the commentator quickly makes up for his mistake by calling Ennis' goal afterwards with a series of jumbled shouts in which he misidentifies the goalscorer. Oh, well, it's only the first period, he surely has plenty of time to make up for it.


- During a one-timer by the Russians, at about 0:44 of the video, the commentators feel the need to remain silent, as usual, while a great scoring chance develops. As the shot is taken, a singular, resounding "OH!" comes from the colour man. 

- Sidney Crosby's goal is narrated by another singular "OH!" followed by screaming. It's at about this part of the video when I started to wonder whether these guys were mic'd up while watching the game in a bar.

- Claude Giroux's breakaway features the following commentary: "Oh, Giroux! CANADA! ...Oh." They sound so disappointed.


- At approximately 1:17 of the video, Tyler Seguin hits the post on an empty net. The announcers call this a "GREAT SAVE BY BOBROVSKY ON SAGWEEN!" 

- At about 1:38 of the video, something becomes apparent - the announcers actually are commentating the game, they're just doing so seemingly as quietly as they possibly can. Like, not in their whispering voice. It sounds like they're two baby kittens having a hushed conversation in a showing of a movie that's taking place in a library. 

- Finally, at about 1:47, the Russians get on the board. The commentator reacts to this by simply asking, "was it a deflection?" recursively until the video fades into an ear-splitting techno music-filled ending.

So, that's that. Let me know what you thought of this video in the comments section below, and feel free to submit ideas for more future videos.

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