Sunday, June 7, 2015

Funny Sunday Video: Campoli Scores Twice

It was a relatively tame week for funny hockey videos, so for this week's edition of Funny Sunday Video, let's reach back in time, say, to 2008.

Say you're Chris Campoli. You're playing on an awful 2008-09 Islanders team that would go on to finish dead-last in the NHL that year, and you're playing in a relatively meaningless November game against the small-market Blue Jackets (who, in fairness, would go on to make the playoffs for the first time in their history that year largely by merit of a Calder-winning performance from Steve Mason - they were swept by Detroit in the first round and didn't win their first playoff game until 2014). It's overtime, though, and your team has a chance to win a game. However, on a roster packed with players like Richard Park, Andy Hilbert, and Jon "Jim" Sim, Campoli decided that he would need to be the one to step up - and achieve an NHL first in the process.

I mean, I guess that it is Norrena in net, but still... 

Skip ahead to 17:49 in the video to see the incident.

- We start with Mike Comrie breaking into the offensive zone. He attempts to shoot, but is stick-checked by Fedor Tyutin, and as a result, the puck skitters back to Campoli.

- Campoli winds and fires a shot that, at first glance, appears to hit the post. Campoli, believing it went in, celebrates wildly, but regains his composure in time for the puck to bounce off the boards to Campoli's defense partner and future Islanders captain Mark Streit.

- Streit feeds Campoli again, and the latter defenseman puts a nicely-placed wrister right over goalie Fredrik Norrena's blocker. Game over! Islanders win. But wait!

- Campoli's original reaction was merited - the puck actually went through the net on his first shot - that's a goal. The second one was just gravy.

- As then-Islander defenseman said to TSN in an interview for one of their Top 10 specials (in which one of the 10 regarded Campoli's two-goal overtime performance), "[it's] the only game you'll ever see where we won 5-3 in overtime". Then Islanders commentator likened the incident to a Double-Stuf Oreo. TSN's James Duthie later said that Campoli should inquire with the NHL's statistics office about getting credited with both goals.

By the way, the rest of the video is also classic - it is a TSN top 10. Come for Chris Campoli, stay for Ryan Getzlaf's yacht.

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