Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hamilton Signs With Flames

Credit: Bruce Hemmelgarn - USA Today Sports

So, I’m putting off the rest of my Defence Comparisons for a little bit until after free agency because that’s a silly prospect before everything’s all altered and everything’s set and we signed Dougie Hamilton so we have other things to talk about.

If you’re tired, you don’t have to read that soliloquy of a sentence. Instead, focus on the fact that Treliving just signed Dougie Hamilton to a very, very reasonable deal.

The Deal

6 years, 34.5 million total, 5.75 AAV
Breakdown: years 1-2: 5.5; years 3-4: 5.75; years 5-6: 6.

That’s very nice value for a stud defenseman who is only 22. We’re buying up all of his RFA years and two of his UFA years.

The best part? Our top-3 on D, which is widely regarded as one of the best in the league, commands a salary of (at most, factoring in Giordano’s extension to be checking in somewhere around 7.5 mil.) 17.9 million. That’s cheap. This past year, Shea Weber took in 14 million alone. The entire Predators top-3 commanded 20.3 million combined this past year. That’s a lot.

We’re lucky here in Calgary. Good times!

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