Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Logical Expectations: #3 - David Schlemko

Brad Rempel - USA Today Sports
Logical Expectations is a feature that will run throughout the summer detailing what we, as Flames fans, should expect from the players that play for our beloved team.

Today, we focus on rearguard David Schlemko.*

David Schlemko had an interesting year. Playing minimal minutes in Dallas, he was waived at the Trade Deadline and was picked up by the Flames. Flames waiver claims tend to do well for Calgary (see: Nigel Dawes), and the man they call "Schlemmer" didn't buck this trend: although he didn't score any goals that counted on the scoresheet, well...


That's David Schlemko, in his first game as a Flame, channelling his inner Phaneuf (while wearing his old number) and doing something unexpected**. Like these.

Schlemko proceeded to score zero more goals over the rest of the year but he did provide a steady presence on the back end and meshed well with Rafa Diaz. Also, he managed to keep Corey Potter relatively afloat, so there's that.

What Do We Want From Him?

Schlemko will draw comparisons to various far-superior players all year.

"For the last time, Simmons, I won't be in your final 30 for 30. And why is it about this?"
He'll get Bob Hartley's stamp of approval! Ha ha! Geddit?

They just need to switch the colour schemes!
And then he'll score 3 goals all year, but still play well on the third pairing, hopefully with a better, preferably offense-oriented, defenseman.

Or Mike Green.
Or not.

Projected stat-line: 62 GP, 2 G, 6 A, 8 PTS, 43 PIM

*This article will be deleted if Schlemko isn’t re-signed. It was written on the presumption that he will be.

**Like Phaneuf ever did anything unexpected. Except this. 

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