Wednesday, August 12, 2015

#fancystats - Kris Russell and David Schlemko

Credit: Sergei Belski - USA Today Sports
You may recall that I've been doing a little feature called Logical Expectations over the course of the offseason - I look at a player, and tell you what to expect from them.

Starting with Mark Giordano, I started to incorporate something called a HERO chart in my expectations - that's a Horizontal Evaluative Rankings Optic, for those of you out of the know. It's quite helpful in determining how a player impacts his team.

I didn't get to putting one of these in either posts for David Schlemko and Kris Russell, which you can read here and here, respectively.

Let's look at them now and analyze how they fit in as a player. My initial predictions stand, but this puts just a little more oomph! into the equation.

David Schlemko

You can see here that both Schlemko's ice time and offensive capabilities are limited, but you already knew that, didn't you?

But look at his Corsi. He's actually a pretty solid possession player. He helps his team generate shots well, he is good at helping his team prevent shot attempts... he's a nice possession player all around.

Hey, have you ever wanted to see what the opposite of Schlemko's graph looks like in the Corsi department? Look no further than...

Kris Russell

You may take a haphazard glance at that graph and say, "Oh gee, Kris Russell isn't nearly as good as David Schlemko! We should be playing Ol' Schlemmer more!"

You'd be wrong. Russell is a better offensive player - though not by much - and he's on the ice far more. As for his Corsi, well, remember how back in my article I mentioned how Russell set the record last year for most blocked shots? Well, Corsi counts blocked shots as shot attempts. Kris Russell was on the ice for the most blocked shots of anyone last year. Simply put, he doesn't have very good puck possession, but his defence is still good, because even when he loses the puck, he makes sure that it doesn't hit the net.

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