Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Logical Expectations: #5 - Mark Giordano

Credit: Sergei Belski - USA Today Sports
Logical Expectations is a feature that will run throughout the summer detailing what we, as Flames fans, should expect from the players that play for our beloved team.

Today, we focus on the captain, Mark Giordano.

Mark Giordano had a breakout year last year - his Norris-calibre numbers and great leadership coincided with the emergence of Calgary as a playoff contender to form one of the greatest surprises of 2014-15. 

Now, playing in his contract year, Gio will be playing for big, big money in next year’s offseason. Like, $9 million type money. D’you know how many active players are making $9 million or more next year? Five (IMPORTANT NOTE - PLEASE READ: this is if - and I’m not taking either side here - Patrick Kane plays next year. If he is found guilty, which I’m not saying that he will be, then you can put that number one lower. But I’m not assuming anything as of now, so I’m just playing it safe.).

To get back on the subject, let’s figure out what we want from our captain next year.

What Do We Want From Him?

Mark “Mr. Bean” Giordano…

Don’t pretend that you don’t see it.
OK, sorry - Mark Giordano, or “Geode” if you are a geologist…

OK, I promise, I’m done.
“Gio” will be expected to do the heavy lifting on the Flames’ back-end next year - although not as much as he did last year with the addition of the young Dougie Hamilton - and his stats will likely reflect his ice-time. As the backbone of the team, expect him to put up at least 60 points, if he plays a full season. He’s a star. The stats…

Fine, fine, skip this part if you want.
…say so. Just look at his HERO (that’s Horizontal Evaluative Rankings Optic). He’s pretty highly rated.

This site is great, by the way.
He’s well over the ‘Top Pairing’ threshold in all 7 categories. He can do anything.

And that’s why we need to sign him to a 8-year, 600 million dollar deal. (Just kidding - 900 million)

Projected stat-line: 21 G, 54 A, 75 PTS, 43 PIM

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