Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Logical Expectations: #6 - Dennis Wideman

Credit: Sergei Belski - USA Today Sports
Logical Expectations is a feature that will run throughout the summer detailing what we, as Flames fans, should expect from the players that play for our beloved team.

Today, we focus on offensive defenseman Dennis Wideman.

Dennis Wideman, like so many of his teammates, had a breakout year offensively in 2014-15. He achieved career highs in goals (15), assists (41), points (56), yet also, less excitably, shooting percentage (8.7%). Wideman was a lucky guy last year, and there's been much speculation as to whether the Flames should trade him while his value is highest. However, in the right situation, Wideman can remain a very valuable asset to the Flames, even with a little regression.

What Do We Want From Him?

Take a look at some of Wideman's advanced stats:

Sadly, we aren't including his shootout success rate.

Here is his HERO (Horizontal Evaluative Rankings Optic) chart. Remember that this doesn't only take into account his last, best season, but stats from the last three years (so, his entire time as a Flame).
BTW - I'm making a post with stats like these for Schlemko and Russell, too - they didn't get any #fancystats in their posts. OTP doesn't make any graphs for goalies - sorry Jonas.
Looking at that graph, Dennis is definitely, at the very least, a top-4 defenseman when it comes to offence. However, when it comes to his possession, he's fine offensively, but he's not even registering defensively - he drags down his linemates' possession horribly when he's on the ice. Last year, he was playing with Kris Russell, who could offset Wideman's defensive liabilities with his great play, but this coming year, he'll be paired with the more offensively-oriented Dougie Hamilton. So... reserve your expectations.

Projected stat-line: 79 GP, 11 G, 35 A, 46 PTS, 41 PIM

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