Monday, September 28, 2015

Thinking Aesthetically: Counting Down The Top 10 Jersey Lineups in the NHL - #10

Credit: Eric Hartline - USA Today Sports
Thinking Aesthetically is a series that will run until October 7th, ranking the 30 jersey lineups in the NHL (Home, Road, and Alternates, combined into one score, and ranked). 

Today, we focus on the 10th-ranked team: The Philadelphia Flyers.

Whenever anyone decides to rank the NHL's uniforms, the complaint that classic uniforms are ranked higher simply because of personal bias and history always comes up.

I will not deny that, because a), they're my rankings, based off of which jerseys appeal to me most, and b), because the classic jerseys are, quite simply, better than many of their corporate, money-draining counterparts. Think about it - when the Oilers, a team with a great design, changed to a dull, murky copper-and-blue uniform back when the NHL was going through its Reebok Edge revolution in 2007, everyone hated the change. Since then, they've gone back to the classic "Gretzky look", and suddenly, the Oilers are back into the upper echelon of the rankings.

Now, there isn't a definitive argument for or against classic jerseys that I can give to you to a unanimously good or bad reaction, so I think that I'll stop getting off into a tangent here and start writing. Number ten! Philadelphia!

Home: It's quickly becoming well-known that I am a huge proponent of simplicity in jerseys. As a result, the Flyers, with their simple design, are good in my books. They're the only team in the NHL with orange as their main colour, and that's probably because no one wants to try to replicate the Flyers' aesthetic success and fail.

The stripe at the bottom of the jersey is a nice accent to the bright orange, and the white line along the shoulders is delightfully unique, in that it extends down the arms, creating a barrier between the front and the back of the jersey. The black arm rim is a nice, final touch.

My only real issue with these jerseys would have to be the nameplate, which just feels so forced and wrong. Put white lettering on the orange body, and I'm sure that the jersey would look a lot cleaner on the back.

Road: I'm going to evaluate this jersey in two separate sections (The Front, and The Back), simply because, quality-wise, they're so different.

Front: It's a great look. The Flyers' logo is a classic, and the subtle orange striping is a treat to look at. It's like a creamsicle in a uniform. I love creamsicles.

Back: AAAHGGGH. That nameplate is hideous. I'm also not a huge fan of the orange numbering, although that could grow on me. However, that black nameplate is atrocious. Yikes. Everything else is fine (really fine - I love these jerseys), but the nameplate has to go.

Alternate: These jerseys are fantastic. The orange, while still bright, appears more muted due to the presence of the black shoulder yoke, and the beige striping is beautiful. The nameplate actually doesn't bother me on this uniform, simply because it's beige. I love beige - it's an underused colour in the NHL.

These jerseys are top-10 in the NHL. They resemble pumpkin pie, and I love me a good pumpkin pie, especially now that we're into the autumn and the leaves are falling and hockey is starting and the baseball playoffs are on and... oh, sorry - I got on a bit of a roll, there. Anyhow, I certainly wouldn't mind if the Flyers made these their primary uniforms. It's a great look.


Home: 8.5/10
Road: 7.5/10
Alternate: 9.5/10
Overall: 25.5/30 

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