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Thinking Aesthetically: Ranking All 30 Teams' Jersey Lineups (Part 2: 24 - 19)

Credit: Lance Iverson - USA Today Sports 
So, before we begin, I'd like to thank all of my readers for getting me to 10,000 page views today. It really means a lot to me to reach this great of an audience, and I've only written 36 posts thus far, so I hope we can get to 20,000 soon!

Today, I continue on with my rankings of the NHL's 30 teams by the quality of their jerseys. If you are unfamiliar with this series, then I suggest that you read this article.

I'm ranking teams 24-19 today. Enjoy!

24. Los Angeles Kings
Home: These may be the most perplexing uniforms in the NHL. The design is sharp, and not too busy, but it looks like someone had made an initial design with a few splashes of colour, and then when into Photoshop and put the image through the grayscale filter. As a result, we're left with a dull, monochromatic uniform that seems to lack any sense of inspiration.

Road: Seriously, I always feel like these jerseys always blend in with the ice, simply because there's no colour to offset the effects of the white.

For both of these uniforms, the design is fine, and the lettering is clean and legible. It's just that they are so devoid of colour, and as such, they feel incomplete.

Alternate: I enjoy Nashville's yellow uniforms more than these, but the Kings' alternate jerseys are still quite good. While I'm not a fan of the yellow colour of the jersey, the purple is a beautiful accent, and I'm digging that crown logo.


Home: 2/10
Road: 2/10
Alternate: 5.5/10 
Overall: 9.5/30

23. New York Islanders

Home: These are nice jerseys. The orange, blue, and white go so well together, and when wearing these, the Islanders are one of the better-dressed teams in the NHL.

Road: It's still a decent look, but the white is overpowering where the blue was pleasant. The white stripe between the blue and orange on the arms also seems slightly out-of-place.

C'mon, Islanders. There is nothing remotely good about this jersey. Are we living in a monochromatic world? No! So, stop acting like it and throw some colour on that sweater. John Tavares is not impressed

Jersey foul!


Home: 7/10
Road: 4/10
Alternate: Jersey Foul (-1)/10
Overall: 10/30

21. Ottawa Senators

Home: Why are there random blots of white and black all over this jersey? Why did the Senators change their logo from the beautiful, 2-dimensional Spartan to the impossible-to-draw 3D version? Why? Why? Why?

Road: Is there some unwritten rule in Ottawa stating that every professional sports team needs to load up their uniforms with extreme amounts of red and black? Because these jerseys could do with a touch more gold.

Alternate: "You know, it's jerseys like this one that seem to be convincing the NHL that advertising wouldn't do anything to clutter up jerseys. Why would it hurt an already puzzlingly-confusing jersey?"

Words such as these were likely uttered by Ottawa Senators management sometime in 2011 regarding the much-hated SENS design. Said management ended up conceiving this design, which is enthralling with its masterful use of black, red, and beige(!) as complementary colours in an otherwise-still-pretty-darn-good jersey.


Home: 1.5/10
Road: 2/10
Alternate: 9/10
Overall: 12.5/30

T21. San Jose Sharks
Home: The Sharks decided to simplify their look a couple of years ago, and they removed some stripes, most of the orange, and the shoulder yoke from the previous design.

I feel like the Sharks did a pretty good job of this.

Except that they decided to add numbers to the front of the jersey, which is deplorable, and I would shout "Jersey Foul!" right about now except that the teal colour is so enthralling and mesmerizing that I've forgotten what I was saying. Potatoes!

Road: Remember how I said that I loved Carolina's road uniform in the last post?

Well, this jersey comes close to that, except in the case of the front numbers, and the overly-complicated striping pattern on the arms. 

It's still a nice design, but it's not as good as I would have hoped.

Alternate: I like these jerseys. Say what you want about the black base, but I feel that it helps to reinforce the fierce nature of sharks. There are also no front numbers, which is a plus. 

However, when viewed on-ice, I've always had one issue with these uniforms: I can't see the back of the shark. It's black. The uniform is black. So, unless the shark is in some black ocean (which I'd bet you a pizza that it couldn't live in), and it's jumping out of said ocean, I cannot live with this jersey and its one big design flaw.


Home: 5/10
Away: 4/10
Road: 5/10

T21. Florida Panthers

Home: Red is an overused colour in the NHL. The following teams use it as one of their primary colours: the Calgary Flames; the Carolina Hurricanes; the Chicago Blackhawks; the Detroit Red Wings; the Florida Panthers; the Minnesota Wild; the Montreal Canadiens; the New Jersey Devils; the Ottawa Senators; and the Washington Capitals. That's 10 teams, or a third of the NHL.

In 2011, the Panthers inexplicably decided to change their primary colour to red. It was all over their advertising, website, and merchandise. Red, red, red, red, red. That exhibits a lack of creativity. While the design is certainly an improvement over their murky navy predecessor, it could be improved by changing the primary colour of the uniform to a deep gold, similar to the one in their uniform, or even black. I know, I hate black jerseys, but it'd be an improvement over the red.

Road: The basic concept of the Panthers' away uniform hasn't changed for over 20 years now, and it isn't hard to see why: it's a gem of a design. They finally eliminated the piping in the 2011 redesign, and what has been left is a clean, solid design.

Alternate: The Panthers wisely discarded their garish powder blue alternate uniform in 2011, and have not used one since.


Home: 3.5/15
Road: 10.5/15
Overall: 14/15

19. Nashville Predators

Home: While I admire Nashville' ambition in going with a rarely-seen colour for their primary uniforms, they went a bit too far with these. The yellow is overpowering and the stripes in the jersey numbers just seem bizarre to me. The navy blue accents go well with the yellow colour, however, and the guitar pick patch is a nice touch.

Road: I want to like these more than I do. The white base colour works more than the yellow does, but that unneeded piping is unfortunate, and the annoying lines in the jersey numbers are back. 

Both of these jerseys are decidedly average.

Alternate: Like the Panthers, the Predators have not used an alternate jersey since 2011.


Home: 7/15
Road: 7.5/15
Overall: 14.5/30

Part 3 will be up tomorrow - check back!

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