Friday, September 25, 2015

Thinking Aesthetically: Ranking All 30 Teams' Jersey Lineups (Part 4: 15 - 13)

As I continue on with my rankings of the 30 NHL teams' uniform rotations, I've begun to realize how much easier and more enjoyable it is to write about better jerseys. With that in mind, I hope you enjoy reading this article as much as I did!

We start off with:

15. Tampa Bay Lightning

Home: I fear that I may lose some of you with this ranking, but hear me out - these jerseys are pretty decent. Blue and white is an excellent combination on any jersey (see: Maple Leafs, Toronto) and that trend doesn't end in Tampa - as much as many like to hate on these uniforms due to their ripping-off of Toronto's jerseys, it's not like the Leafs own express rights to the colour scheme. The shoulder patches are subtle and don't detract from the jersey, while the simple striping is a plus.

However, these jerseys may be a touch too simple. I typically dislike black on jerseys, but I feel that the Lightning might benefit from an accent here and there, maybe on the stripes' edges.

Otherwise, it's a pretty good look.

Road: Sigh. The Vancouver Lightning are in town.

Why even bother putting the "Tampa Bay" script above the logo? Why? That's just obnoxious, Tampa.

The rest of the jersey is slightly above-average. The striping is maybe a bit too defined, but otherwise, this uniform is all good.

Alternate: There are exactly two things that I hate about this jersey:

1) The blue collar, which, when surrounded by the white shoulder stripe and black body, makes the player look like an ice cream man.

2) The "Bolts" script logo. Seriously? "Sens" was bad enough.

Other than that, I actually do not hate this jersey like everyone else seems to. This is one of very few black jerseys which does not look horrible on the ice, and the white logo and lettering actually looks pretty excellent against the black body.

Not bad, Tampa.


Home: 7/10
Away: 6/10
Alternate: 6.5/10
Overall: 19.5/30

14. Winnipeg Jets

Home: It seems as though the Jets franchise actually bothered to hire a competent design team when they moved from Georgia, as evidenced by these jerseys. The crest is fantastic, the dark blue manages to not wash out the logo, and the striping, while imperfect (there's not enough light blue on the rest of the jersey to merit that much in the stripes) is still pretty good. The font looks modern, and the patches, while far from the best in the league, fit in rather nicely with the rest of the jersey.

Great job, True North!

Road: On the other hand, these jerseys, while well-intended, come off as if the Jets' designers were trying a bit too hard. While I was able to handle the use of light blue on the home jersey, it just comes off as obnoxious on this one. There is far too much of it, and it doesn't mesh with its darker counterpart well. The lettering on the back is lined with the lighter colour, also, and, while it's easier to ignore, it is still distracting.

However, other than the light blue, the road jersey is still a good design.

Decent job, True North!


Home: 12/15
Road: 8/15
Overall: 20/30

13. Dallas Stars

Home: Say what you want about the bright green, but unless it's paired up against the Flyers' orange uniforms, it's one of the better looks in the league. The green is a dynamic, electric colour on the ice, and it helps that it's being worn by a dynamic team. The simplistic striping and patches (which both make great use of black as a supporting colour) help this jersey to become a treat to watch.

Road: These jerseys are also excellent. While the striping isn't as good as it is on the home design (black and green?), the rest of the jersey, from the nice shoulder yokes to the bright green lettering on the back, is eye-poppingly great. These jerseys are very close to being as good as the home version.

Home: 12/15
Road: 10.5/15
Overall: 22.5/30

Now we're getting into the thick of things! 

Come back tomorrow for lineups 12 - 11.

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