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Thinking Aesthetically: Ranking All 30 Teams' Jersey Lineups (Part 5: 12 - 11)

Credit: James Guillory - USA Today Sports
As I reach my fifth post on this subject, I start to realize how few really good jersey designs there are in this league. I only reached jerseys lineups that I overall really liked with Winnipeg's set, and still, it's quite generic.

With these two lineups, however, we're getting more into the high-end level of uniforms in the NHL. Read on, and discover what these two teams are!

12. Arizona Coyotes

Home: I really enjoy these uniforms. The brown body has always been a nicer tone for a jersey, and the streamlined, more updated-looking lettering on the back is a nice, new touch.

The black and white striping on the shoulders and arms is another really cool look. While there could be more beige (or sand?) in this design, it certainly looks fine the way it is.

The 'Yotes have gone from some incredibly dull jerseys to some very nice ones very quickly. If this really is one of their last years in Arizona, well, they're going out in style.

Road: I also quite enjoy these jerseys. I really like how the white contrasts with the black on the shoulders. However, I am not a huge fan of how they changed the shoulder patch from the home design. On the dark jersey, the patch added some needed beige to the uniform. On this one, they've changed the patch to a dark design which I'm not wholly fond of.

The rest of the jersey is quite all right. While I think that the waist stripe might look better in black, the rest of the uniform is a very rustic-looking desert-suiting design.

Nice job!


Home: 13/15
Road: 11/15
Overall: 24/30

11. Edmonton Oilers

Home: It pains me to write this, but I must admit it: the Oilers have some of the best uniforms in the NHL. The orange-on-blue style is classic, and the striping is very, very nice. I'm also digging the orange numbers on the back of the jersey, as well as the use of the colour overall as an accent. Near-perfection!

Road: These jerseys are also fantastic. I love the lettering on the back of the uniform, and unlike in the conceptually-similar New York Islanders design, the white body doesn't come across as overpowering. The orange accents are also very effective. Also near-perfection!

Home: While I like these jerseys, and I admire the Oilers' ambition to go with orange as the main colour of these jerseys, something about it doesn't look right. The numbers on the shoulder yoke are awkward, sure, but there's something else.

Eh, I can't place it. I like looking at these jerseys too much. There's way too much orange, but even so, these jerseys are spellbinding. I don't think they're quite as good as the home and away jerseys, but they're up there. There's just too much orange.


Home: 9/10
Road: 8.5/10
Alternate: 7/10
Overall: 24.5/30

Come back tomorrow as I kick off the top 10!

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