Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thinking Aesthetically: Ranking the Top 10 Jersey Lineups in the NHL (#9)

Credit: Marilyn Indahl - USA Today Sports
Let's skip the formalities, here: the ninth-ranked team in my countdown of the best jersey lineups in the NHL is described here. Enjoy!

Before I begin, I just want to make a note of something: I am very, very tired. I just saw The Martian, which was excellent. You should go see it. This post will feel rushed, and that's because it is. I'm going to continue to post one of these a day until October 6th, when I will post the top 3, all in one long post. 

Thanks. Now, onto our regularly scheduled programming!

9. Minnesota Wild

The Minnesota Wild are, along with the Columbus Blue Jackets, one of the NHL's two newest franchises. Their logo has remained constant since their 2000 inception, but their jerseys have gone through radical changes.

I mostly enjoy their current designs. Read on!
Home: I call these jerseys the "Pierre-Marc Bouchard design", simply because they're old and underrated and... that's it. Not a great comparison, huh? Man, I'm tired.

Anyhow, apart from the creative decision to use red as the body colour, the jersey is pretty by-the-numbers: the green shoulder bit is accented rather nicely by a beige striping design. I love beige on jerseys, and this one is no exception - it's beautiful. However, this jersey is a relic from the early days of the ill-fated Reebok Edge movement, and the weird shape of the green blob seems so unnatural and weird that the jersey comes off as odd. I do enjoy the round logo, however, and the beige is nice (have I mentioned that?)

Very good design. Not my favourite, but it's something.

Road: Hey, did you know that the Wild are the only team in the entire NHL to use a different crest on all three of their jerseys? Their road whites remove the circle from "Mr. Forest Star Bear", and I'm not sure if I care. I like the logo either way, and in the case of this jersey, the rest of the design is so mesmerizing that I'm not sure if I noticed and hey, look, a squirrel.

My point is that the Wild's road jersey design is so good that the good logo isn't even necessary to make it feel complete. Seriously, they could go out against the Canadiens just wearing these base design, minus the logo, and not feel bad.

Sarcasm aside, I've got to say that everything in this jersey, from the immaculate piping to the nicely-contrasting red numbers to the clean-looking shoulder yoke, is perfect.

Alternate: I sure hope that I'm not alienating anyone here with my love of beige. Seriously - it's a perfect accent colour that goes with anything. The decent script logo (which, by script logo standards, is phantasmagorical) is helped along by the returning, excellent striping from the road jersey and the same lettering scheme (minus the red, thankfully - it wouldn't have worked on this one) to create a very suitable and appropriate third jersey. There's a reason that the Wild have worn this jersey since 2009 - it's a great design.


Home: 8/10
Road: 9.5/10
Alternate: 9/10
Overall: 26.5/30

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