Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hey, Everyone: The Flames Are Awful!

Credit: Candice Ward - USA Today Sports
Hey, remember that YouTube video from a couple years ago? You know, the one that made Flames fans practically squeal in delight while watching the Oilers completely fail at playing hockey?

Fun video, huh? But has there ever been any time where you wanted to be in on that action? See it happen live? Be part of the event, as it happens? Follow the awfulness on Twitter?

Worry not! Simply tune in to any Calgary Flames game this season, and you can experience all of the above in sparkling 1080p! Your next chance comes this Thursday when the Flames take on the Philadelphia Flyers on Sportsnet 360!

It's not really debatable that the Calgary Flames are one of the three worst teams in the NHL at this present moment; heck, they aren't even the best team in their own province! Even if Connor McDavid is out with his shoulder injury for any length of time, our neighbours to the north still actually seem to have something called a work ethic.

It really is painful to watch such an apathetic team after all of the hard work and guts they displayed last year. At least you could write off a loss as "just a couple of bad bounces - they'll work harder next time". Not this year; instead, it seems that the Flames are barely working, regardless of whether the score is 7-0 in their favour or against. Of course, not that the goaltending will ever let in fewer than five goals...

Get it together, Flames. Two years ago, when you finished 27th and Jarome Iginla's tenure had ended the year before, at least you were trying hard, so we liked you. Last year, the bounces started going your way, and you still tried hard, so you made the playoffs.

The Calgary Flames are currently 27th in the NHL. Hey, remember when I talked about the Flames team from two years ago, and how they were a likable team, because they tried hard?

This team is all that, minus the try.

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