Friday, January 15, 2016

All-Star John Scott, and How the NHL Always Wins

Credit: Matt Kartozian - USA Today Sports

So, the NHL, faced with the prospect of John Scott representing the Arizona Coyotes at the All-Star Game, did not know what to do.

They must be feeling a lot better now, as Scott has been traded to the Montreal Canadiens and assigned to the AHL, thereby making him ineligible to participate in the game.


- The NHL’s fans can’t have nice things, apparently, as it has been reported that both the League and the Coyotes asked Scott not to play in the game. That’s just low — and Scott rightfully refused both times.

- Who will be the Pacific Division’s captain at the ASG now? Johnny Gaudreau, or someone else? Gaudreau was the second-highest vote-getter among Pacific Division players in the fan vote.

- It’ll be interesting to see the new fan voting debut next year, and what it constitutes. The NHL won’t want this to happen again.

- Max Domi will likely replace Scott as the Coyotes’ representative at the ASG.

- Of note: Scott’s current salary is $575,000. The bonus he would have received for winning at the All-Star Game: $95,000. That’s to him what it wouldn’t be for many others: real money.

- How much do you think the NHL pressured the Coyotes to trade Scott outside of the division?

- I wasn’t the biggest fan of Scott playing at the All-Star Game (not because I don’t like him — he seems like a genuinely good guy - but because it seemed like many fans were laughing at him instead of with him), but how the NHL has handled this event makes me want to see him play even more.

- I haven’t watched an All-Star Game in nine years. That would have changed this year. Not anymore.

- Finally, I wonder how John Scott feels about this. It’s been reported that he was looking dejected as he left Gila River Arena this morning, and I feel for him — he’s been the subject of a lot of publicity over the last month, and now he has been forced to depart Arizona for snowy St. John’s, sans the All-Star Game. I’d retire if I was him - what does he have to gain by playing there?

I’m sorry, John Scott. You never asked for this, and now you’ve been traded from where it’s 18 degrees and sunny to where it’s -6 and snowy. Wish you all the best.

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