Sunday, February 14, 2016

Introducing 'Following the Flames'!

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to Following the Flames. On this website, I'll be writing three times a week (this may vary, depending on the time of year) about the Calgary Flames.

"Wait a minute," you say, scratching your head, "I've been to this website before! This is Glengarry Glencross!"

You'd be correct, although your tense is all mixed up. This was Glengarry Glencross. From last April to today, February 14, 2016, this website existed under that name. Why the change, then?

Let me put it this way: I love Curtis Glencross. He was a fantastic Flame, and I think it's a shame that he couldn't find a job in today's NHL. I also love the film Glengarry Glen Ross. Great movie. Always be closing.

However, you tell me: what do either of those two nouns have to do with the 2015-16 Calgary Flames?

Like it or not, Curtis Glencross is retired. I certainly don't like it, but it's a fact. Glengarry Glen Ross was a movie that came out in 1992, a time when the likes of Frank Musil, Robert Reichel, and Mark Habscheid were wearing the Flaming 'C' - not to mention the third-best #12 this franchise has ever had, the Kruser. And they were all fine players, mind you. But you tell me: what do they have to do with today's Flames?

In the future of this blog, I want to take a direct look at the Flames of today. While there will definitely be some looks to the past (especially come summertime - I'm already prepping for a "Top 30 Flames of the last 10 years" series of posts), this blog is intended to serve as an examination of what's going on with the Flames of today.

That sounded really serious. I promise to only do that once a week, max.

So, what do you have to expect from this site, features-wise? Well, there will be a few things to look for:

The Week that Was: Every Saturday, I'll take a look at what has occurred in the past week in the Calgary hockey scene. There will be loads of sub-features. Starting February 20.

Retro Rewind: An occasional feature, Retro Rewind will focus on a play, a player, or a game from the Flames' past.

Game Recaps: A very special feature, I'll do a Game Recap when I take in a Flames game at the Saddledome, or for particularly important games.

Live-blogging: The first instance of me live-blogging an event will occur February 29th: the Trade Deadline! These will also occur during important games, or during marquee NHL events, such as Free Agent Frenzy or the Draft.

There will be more features to come, for sure. Thank you for continuing to visit this website, and I'd like to officially invite you into my website: Following the Flames!

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